September 25, 2011


here's a test roll i shot last month with a pentax k1000 that i picked up for $10 at a thrift store in santa cruz.

 these first two pictures are of a project for 2D design. we had to use found objects to construct three dimensional sculptures based on a drawing that someone else made, and then draw our sculptures in crayon. i made this little garden piece out of fresh fruit and flowers borrowed from some of my neighbor's lawns. it lived in the fridge for a day before it was due, and then took up residence in one of the cubbies in the prop room while our teacher worked out our grades. he told us to take them home the next week but it was beginning to rot and leak orange juice, so i left it in the cubby where it stayed for a good four weeks before mysteriously going missing.

 kessla and bryce in 2D design. i snuck pictures of both of them out of boredom. this test roll made me appreciate how quiet pentaxes are. my canon chirps like a bird and whenever i take a photo with it everyone in the room looks at me. anyways, kessla ended up dropping the class, which is a bummer because she was really talented. bryce sits next to me every single week and sometimes we talk and sometimes we don't, but i wish we talked more because i really like his voice. it's become a hobby of mine to secretly observe everything he writes in his sketchbook.

 a labor day picnic at a pretty college campus in murrieta hot springs. i fell in love with at least fifteen of the college guys who walked past our picnic area.

watching the ruiz and spence boys fish. i helped them bait their poles with leftover hotdogs. once, they let me hold a fish, and i held it for two milliseconds before it jumped out of my hand into the sand and i screamed a little. fishing as a sport is so weird to me. i like watching other people do it, but i always feel a little bit sad for the fish. jesse told me that it doesn't hurt the little guys, but i don't know if i believe him.

a boy who fell asleep across from me while i was studying in the library.

builders building a building by the art building. right after i took this i had a helga pataki moment. i looked over my shoulder and this creepy girl with glasses was just staring at me.

some frozen yogurt on one of the must humid days i've ever lived through.

the coolest poster on my wall as of now. andrew + julian = indie cred x1,000,000,000,000.

manny on my bed with my sailboat picture. i took a bunch more with my canon, so expect to see those next week!

no explanation for this one...


  1. i love how it says no photography allowed. sneaky

    lovely, as always

  2. wow, great set of shots! Very unique, love them


  3. wow i completely agree about the k1000! the shutter on my Ae-1 sounds like a sneeze, but my k1000 has such a nice soft click appropriate for secret snapshots


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