September 9, 2011


my drawing 101 teacher told us to bring sketchbooks with us wherever we go and practice drawing as much as we can. i went out and bought a teeny tiny 5" x 8" sketchbook to keep in my purse and i'm getting into the habit of pulling it out in between classes and work breaks to sketch portraits and doodle photo ideas. here are some drawings i've done this week:

p.s. if any of you come across a cool photo of anything and everything that you think might make a good drawing, i'd love to see it! i especially love drawing really neat portraits of awesome people (i.e. kurt cobain, syd barrett, andrew vanwyngasm--ahem, garden...) and heck, you can even send me pictures you took yourself and pretend that you are someone else sending me them so that you don't seem narcissistic. just make sure they're big enough for me to print them at 5" x 7". obviously, i can't draw every picture, but i really am always looking for interesting things to add to my to draw folder.
you can email them to me anonymously or not at
also, this is not an invitation for you to send me your myspace pictures. please don't.

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    i can't draw realistic looking people for my life


constructive criticism is nice, but please be gentle with my little heart. also, spam is not very nice. do you email your mother with those fingers?!